Friday, April 27, 2012

Shadow Warrior warband

It has been a while I have updated the blog. I've painted an hour or two almost every night, but there were no point of taking photos of the stages I'm with the dwarves and the elves, until now.

May I present the reformed Shadow Warriors Mordheim warband. Yesterday I gave the unwashed members a deep dive to instant shade and now I have the complete twelve of them ready for highlighting and final touches. I fear now to be able to get them finished by sunday, when our Mordheim campaing continues, but the main clothes should be doable. I'm really pleased the variation of the figures. I bought my first elves for Shadow Warriors warband about ten years a go, and lately the current SW:s. Every figure blends in nicely. Here are some photos.

New members before the dip

The whole bunch dipped

 Older hero model of Shadow Warriors and older Waywatcher

 Newer hero model

 Another newer hero model

Elven mage of Mordheim's hired swords

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