Monday, April 30, 2012

Mordheim campaing continued

Greetings !

Yesterday we continued our everlasting campaing to conquer land. This time we had a dragon mixing up the scene. Every turn a player rolled a dice and with a roll of 4+ the dragon would show up. Second roll of dice would determine what would happen. By a roll of 1-2 the dragon freezes the enemy, a roll of 3-4 dragon attacks by breathing fire and a roll of 5-6 the dragon descents among the warband into melee action. Here are some photos with captions how the battle went (or the way I remember it).

Before the battle the Shadow Warrior make appearance. Heroes and henchmen from front to back. These figures are nearly finished. Maybe next time ;)

The Pirate crew and their rabid dog Barney.

My friends custom converted Chaos Dragon. We nerfed it's stats little bit to make it easier to wound. 

WAAAGH !! Orcs and Troll

Gaming table from couple of angles

The Pirates won the dice roll to start the game. Mika rolled the dragon roll and what a suprise, the Dragon wanted to fight :D

The Dragon flew of leaving battered pirates behind. Not a great start for them.

Mikko's turn started with Dragon roll and he got the breating attack. The breath touched only one orc, so it didn't do much. The orcs started to rush forward

The Elves tried to move on the third turn, but again the dragon did it's doing and froze most of the elves to their stand. Only few got away to gain ground

Mika started the second round by fighting the dragon, again. The Dragon must love the flesh of pirates. Yet again it left a trail of tears behing. Three pirates was put out of action. OUCH !

A miracle, no dragon on the second turn of orcs. They move to wyrd stone and to the elves direction

The dragon kept flying and didn't meddle with the elves, which to moved positions and climbed on buildings. Few shots were fired without results

The Pirates third turn started with nervous looks to the sky. PHEW.. No Dragon, this time. The pirates move to seek wyrd stone

  The orcs close up with the Elves. There's some animosity among orcs :)

All elves try to gain higher ground, but two fail the initiative test for climbing. Flight of arrows doesn't scare the stubborn orcs.

On the fourth round the horrible luck with dice comes to haunt the Pirates and once again the Dragon is among them. This time "only" three pirate were smitten out of action.

The Dragon is hungry ! It swoops next on top orcs, but doesn't cause a havoc, this time.

Still angry, the dragon tries to burn the elves on the spot, failing doing it. The elves see their moment and the Dragon was shot down from the sky by a henchman. Though the dragon got wounds fighting with the pirates and orc, the killing blow brought the glory for the Elves !

The fifth round started with the Pirates rout test and they failed it fleeing the battleground. The orcs got their act together and charged towards elves with brutal force. The elves were trying to hold their ground with despair melee and deadly arrows. The blood bath ended to the fail of orcs' rout test. Victory for the ELVES !

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