Monday, February 27, 2012

Rise restless, up from the dirt !

Here's the Restless Dead Mordheim warband. Tough as nails, but slow as fuck ! These guys get knocked down, but raise again. When they reach to their goal, the battle has already been taken place and there's only loot to be collected from the poor fools. "Boo ! Don't be afraid, We're just to collect your soul"

What a horrible site ! The Restless Dead warband.

Skeletors ! "The head bone is connected to neck bone, the arm bone is connected to shoulder bone...".

The Zombie twins. The models are from Hero Quest. "Like to peas in a pod"

So far, I think this is the best figure I have succeeded painting. Liches right hand, the Necromancer !

Men from the North

Here's my Mordheim warband from North at current state, the Norsemen. This is the first warband I painted after we started to play Mordheim. The painting is quite crude.

The lot. Wolfspirits. "We'll huff and puff and blow your house to the ground!"

I hired a Norse shaman to aid in battle. This was my first heavy conversion from a chaos marauder to a Norse shaman. The head and the cloak is from chaos marauder battle standard and there are some furs from Middenheim bitz.

The build up, no paint.

 With colour, front and back.

Anvil Of Doom

I didn't fancy the GW Anvil Of Doom, so I decided to start a project to make my own and save some money while doing it.

I started with drawing a sketch to paper and took some measures of the sizes. After I was satisfied with the model I made a 3D model from cardboard paper. Next phase is to cover the cardboad model with ice cream sticks. I can't wait to do the job. Yummy ! I also found an anvil from dollhouse shop.

Here's the first stage.

There's a start

I bought my first dwarf figures. These are secondhand stuff, though unpainted. I will update the photos as they get some color on them.

Two heroes. I bought the right one as a Master Engineer, but the parcel contained also the left one. What shall I do with the drunken sailor ?

Old version of Bolt Thrower and it's crew. I have to tweak the bolt thrower's painting and the base a little bit to meet my standards. "Ay, there's a bulls eye on that ugly basturds forehead!"

Old version of Grudge Thrower and crew. I like it. "Make some pickels of those vermin!"