Monday, July 30, 2012

It's clobbering time !

At last I completed the Hammerer unit. With baby steps and repeatingly telling to myself "there's no need to hurry", I whipped myself until they were finished. The color theme is quite satisfactory, as I tried to make them look somewhat elite. Sign of the Hammer be our guide !

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More troops and fire power

Got the last models from Battalion box assembled. I have made a holy promise to myself that I will not buy any new models, until all of the dwarves are painted. I wonder if this is the kind of promise I made to myself, that I will never start a Warhammer army :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Runelord (Updated)

Runelord got painted and washed. As I started painting I didn't have any idea what colors to use, but I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. Next highlighting and gems.

I thought I got the Runelord painting done, but noticed, while taking photos, that I forgot to paint the gem on the hammer behind him. Have to do the gem and base to complete it, but here he is so far. Maybe the next photos are going to be, when I have painted the complete army :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dwarf warrior unit with BSB Thane assembled

Finally got my warriors assembled and modified. I've earlier modified the same GW battalion warriors to Hammerers, so I somehow have to make these warriors look lower rank. Maybe I'll use bronze paint instead of gold etc. I also had to do a unit filler and use one unordinary figure to get the unit size to 39. I had little trouble with Thane's standard and topped my skills by drilling and pinning the standard to Thane's fist. I was fairly sure that I would ruin the whole model :). Here's some photos !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Scibors, AoW and Battalion

The last minis that I've planned for 2400 point army arrived today. Runelord from Avatars of War, Anvil Guards and BSB Thane from Scibor miniatures and GW Dwarf battalion box. The Scibors were my first resin minis so I didn't have any experience of them. When I started cutting the Anvil Guard axe off from the resin mold it exploded to thousand pieces. Nice ! After that I took the cutting little bit gentler. Maybe the resin models are more detailed, but working with it sucks, IMHO ! I intend to make dwarf warriors with great weapons from the battalion box, but have to do little conversions because I converted my earlier battalion dwarves to Hammerers. So here are the first assemblies :)

Dipped Hammerers

Got my Hammerer units base coating to the point that it was time for deep dive to dip. Some photos !

Assembling and painting minis with kids

Hey ho !

We got visitors from north of Finland. Nine and five years old boys. Also my 4 year old daughter joined the band. They wanted to paint miniatures, so I took my left overs from chaos marauders box and we assembled and painted one for each. Here they are :)

This one is painted by 5 year old

This one is painted by 4 year old

This one is painted by 9 year old. Have to say that he's much better and more exact painter that I was at age of 12, though I gave him some tips how to paint. Little bit more discipline and exercise and maybe he'll become really good. His parents were really happy that he found this new and so "inexpensive" hobby ;)