Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to paint the warmachines (Updated)

My first models of the Dwarf army were warmachines and I started the painting from the crew of Grudge Thrower and Bolt Thrower early this year. Now it's time to continue and complete painting all of the machines and crew. Cannon and Organ gun were the first in line, so naturally I painted them at the same time, because they are quite similar. Here they are after dip. Now they look almost like any other in the photos I found on the Internet. The highlighting and details have to change that ;)

So, I finished the painting of the Cannon and the Organ gun. I was hoping for little bit better results with the glowing runes, but these are what I succeedeed painting. Oh well, you can't always win :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anvil Of Doom, fourth and final stage

Behold, The Anvil of Doom ! Made from the ancient trees of Athel Loren and powered with Dwarven runemight. It surely pissed off some pointy eared tree huggers ! Although it is not the most fine detailed piece of modelling, it is quite unique and draws the eye on the battlefield.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Warhammer sunday session: Dwarfs & High Elves vs. Skaven

It has been a while since the last Warhammer battle. The Alliance between Dwarfs and High Elves wanted to take another go against the hordes of Skaven. 2000 points of Dwarfs and about 1000 points of Elves against 3000 points of Skaven. Here's a battle report as I remember it !

The Skaven deployment:

Warp cannon, mortar, horde of stormvermin with screaming bell

Clanrats with bsb, fire thrower and two hordes of skaven slaves

Horde of Plague monks with furnace, Jezzails and horde of slaves


The Alliance deployment

Runelord with Anvil Of Doom

Quarrellers, Organ gun and Hammerers

Cannon, Warriors with bsb Thane and Grudge thrower

Sea guards, Sword masters with mage and Noble with eagle

Turn 1: Alliance

The Elves move forward and take some shots with bows

Three skaven dead

Anvil of Doom kills two Jezzails

Grudge thrower tries to hit the BSB, but lands on Bell and Stormvermin. Also Quarrellers take shots. 14 Stormvermin are dead.

Turn 1: Skaven
 All of the Skaven move forward

Doomwheel makes it to the shooting distance and kills the Elf noble.

 Skaven magic kills six hammerers and warp cannon kills one of Quarrellers.

Jezzails take two Swordmasters out.

Turn 2: Alliance

In the Skaven turn, the bell was ringed and it moved 10 inches forward. Quarrellers and Organ gun decreased the unit size about by 14 Stormvermin.

 Grudge thrower kills about 10 clan rats.

The Miners appeared on the flank of Doomwheel and charged it with the help of Anvil. The dice was on Doomwheels side and Miners fail to take it out.

 Turn 2: Skaven

Jezzails got two Swordmasters

Skaven magic got a Sea guard

Warp cannon killed 2 warriors

Doomwheel sliced the rest of the Miners.

Turn 3: Alliance

 Elf mage killed four slaves.

 The Swordmasters and Sea Guards charged the Plague monks and Furnace. The melee went bad for the Elves and they were forced to flee. The monks run down the Swordmasters.

Dwarf warriors charge the Clanrats and make them flee.

Quarrellers and Hammereres charge the Stormvermin. Great losses for the Skaven but they are unbreakable because of the Bell.

 Turn 3: Skaven

The Gutter runners appear behind the cannon and shoot it out. 

 Slaves and Doomwheel move forward

The skaven wizard got a spell through (a second time) that opens a crack to the earth and the Anvil sunk in it. I managed to throw a 5+ save the first time, but the luck isn't going to last forewer. Quarrellers and Hammerers vs. Stormvermin and bell. One casualty to Quarrellers and about 5 to skaven.

 Doomwheel zapped the fleeing elfs

Slaves charge the warriors and flees in panic.

The warriors face to meet the other horde of slaves.

Turn 4: Alliance

Warriors charge the slaves and kill the to the last rat. Six dwarves dead.

 The organ gun dropped one gutter runner.

The evening was turning to night, so I was forced to quit, if I were going to catch the last train home. We declared victory for the Skaven because they had almost all units on the table and certainly more points. I fairly satisfied with the performance of the dwarves but the elves didn't do much. Somehow the powerful spell casting, the elves should have, just wasn't there. Furnace's and Bell's ward save of 4+ made me choose different targets for my warmachines, so I think I should have bombarded them anyways.

Oh well, in any case it was fun to play after a long pause.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Anvil Guards

On following sunday evening the Dwarfs and High Elves are going to battle against Chaos worshipping bastards. I set a goal to finish the painting of Anvil of Doom and guards by then. Only details of the Anvil and it's pedestal remains to be done. The guards were quite fast to paint and Runelord got his basing done. Some photos !

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anvil of Doom, Third stage

My Anvil of Doom made of ice cream sticks got it's colour on. I was trying to make it look some what ancient and patinated. I also tried to do some runes to the side planks, but the engraving machine wasn't steady enough in my hand, so they became little bit askew.