Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sneaky Peaky

Hail !

I have been super excited assembling the Ogres I ordered, the army building and fluff. There are still work to be done before base coating. I have to add more details, change some weapons and fill the cracks and holes with greenstuff. I decided to do the base coating with black and white spray paint, and hope to achieve some kind of natural light&shade. I'll try to add color with washes as much that is possible to maintain the natural lighting. Before that, I have to do some skin tone testing, to be sure how I will accomplish what I want. Here's a sneak peak photo of the lot before I make the introduction.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big boys are back !

Spank, spank, spank !!

Against my holy promises to myself not to buy any new miniatures before I have finished painting the Dwarfs throng, I made an order of full sized Ogre army ..LOL ! It's been few weeks of the order and the store is still packing them, so I went to local store to ease the pain. I bought two additions to the Ogre army. Here are the newest arrivals: Butcher and Gorger ! ..I'll present the rest of the army when I have the minis :)

Mordheim simplified


In the middle of Finnish holiday season we got guests from north. A year ago my children's cousins, six and ten year old boys, got bitten by miniature gaming flu. They were eager to play a game with miniatures, so I pulled old HeroQuest box from the shelf and mixed some simplified Mordheim rules to make out a game. The boys were so excited that they were about to jump from their pants. My Dwarves team were against Forces from Averland and Creatures beyond graves. When the boys got back home, they started to play a miniature game of their own. Cheers !