Monday, May 4, 2015

I am the hammer. I am the sword in His hand. I am..


My Gray Knight figures are now ready for paint. I sprayed some black and gun metal colors on them as base of the other colors. Some alterations are still to be made, but I have used all my magnets, so before I get more of those, here is my Band of Brothers!

The Band of Brothers 

 Grand Master

 Changeable weapon. I will add a magnet to the side of the gun, so can can attach a bigger gun to it.


Brotherhood Champion

Terminator Squad

Changeable weapons

Also heavy weaponry

Can also be configured as Paladins

Grey Knight Squad

Changeable weapons


Special Squad with Falchions

or With Heavy weaponry. They also have changeable back pack

Dread knight

Changeable weapons

Land rider

Also with missile