Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Scibors, AoW and Battalion

The last minis that I've planned for 2400 point army arrived today. Runelord from Avatars of War, Anvil Guards and BSB Thane from Scibor miniatures and GW Dwarf battalion box. The Scibors were my first resin minis so I didn't have any experience of them. When I started cutting the Anvil Guard axe off from the resin mold it exploded to thousand pieces. Nice ! After that I took the cutting little bit gentler. Maybe the resin models are more detailed, but working with it sucks, IMHO ! I intend to make dwarf warriors with great weapons from the battalion box, but have to do little conversions because I converted my earlier battalion dwarves to Hammerers. So here are the first assemblies :)

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