Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Mordheim sessions

Our Mordheim campaing continued in deadly battle between Orcs, Pirates and Shadow Warriors. Along with the normal squable and wyrdstone hunt, this time we had a giant, who variably entered the battlefield at the dice roll of six. We played two thrilling rounds. Here are indefinite battle reports of both of the rounds with some photos. More detailed battle report may appear to my friends blog:

First round: Shadow Warriors and Pirates clashed with each other, or would I say Shadow Warriors used the Pirates as a pincushion and the Pirates routed out. Giant appeared in front of the Orcs and there was some brawling. In the end The Orcs decided to rout out because of the damage the giant had made and Shadow Warriors were untouched. Victory for the Elves !

Second round: Shadow Warriors summoned the giant to play. Pirates saw an opportunity to watch the giant whoop the Elves' ass and take the glory to themselves. The orcs marched from the other end of the battlefield. The Pirates pursued the battle strained elves to the border of gaming table and they routed out at the time the Orcs were starting to medle with the fighting. The Pirates had some casualties and didn't have a chance against the battle fresh orcs and routed out after a round or two. Victory for the Orcs (and Troll) !

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