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September Warhammer session

Greetings ! It has been little bit quiet with the blog and painting. I have been trying to finish all of the war machines and the crew members. They are getting painted slowly but surely, but until they are completed, there will not be new photos of them. 

Today's blog update is a battle report from our monthly Warhammer session. This time we played two matches: Dark Elves vs. Orcs and Goblins and Dwarfs vs. Orcs and Goblins, each army 2000 points. The plan was to play against each other, but there was no time for the Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves. The Dwarfs have to whipe their arse with the elves another time ;)

Few photos from the DElves against Greenskins match. The Hydra was replaced by Broodhorror. The Elves pulled the longer straw in the end. More photos from

O&G vs. Dwarfs

The Deployment of Dwarfs. Don't know what I was thinking :D

Rune Lord with Anvil of Doom and 12 Quarrellers with GWs

Grudge thrower, Thane with 39 Dwaf warriors with GWs and Cannon

30 Hammerers and Organ gun

The Greenskin deployment.

Ten Goblin wolf riders

Five Boar boys and 26 Orc boys with Orc Shaman

Three River trolls and Ten Black Orcs with Orc warboss

29 Goblins with Goblin shaman

Thirty Goblin archers

Two Spear Chukkas and Doom diver

A giant

Round 1

Orcs take the first turn. Wolf riders swing across the battle field with the vanguard and normal movement. They shoot at the Quarrellers. Two dwarves die.

Boar boys fail the animosity test and stay put in front of frustrated Orc boys. The Orc Shaman gets frustrated and marches forward cursing. He casted the foot of Gork on the Warriors, but it missed. Black Orcs march to the trees.

Trolls go hiding in the woods. Goblin spearmen march forward.

Goblin archers fail the animosity test and move forward. Spear chukka nails the Hammerer unit and five dwarves die. Great shot, but bad for the me ! The giant went hiding behind the houses.

I just noticed that I forgot to take photos of the first dwarf turn. This is what happened. The Rune Lord stroke the Rune of Wrath and Ruin killing two Wolf riders. The Quarrellers shot quite a few and the Wolf riders were forced to flee. Cannon took out few Gobbos. Organ gun  killed few Gobbos.

Round 2

Orcs turn. The Giant marched closer to Hammerers. Doom diver dropped five Hammerers. Trolls marched near the Anvil. Orcs and goblins move closer. No photos in this round either :(

In the Dwarfs turn the Hammerers march closer to the Giant. The Rune Lord stroke the Rune of Oath & Honor and Charged the Hammerers against the Giant. The Giant managed to slay one Hammerer before it fell to it's backside.

The Quarrellers charge the Trolls to cover the Rune Lord. After that move, I realized that I should have moved them only in front of the Anvil :P ...You can see from the photos what happened to them :D. The grudge thrower landed a strike and Black Orcs were down to three. Organ gun exploded. Few goblin died.

Round 3
Troll crush the rest of the Quarrellers.

The Gobbos tried to shoot the Hammerers and done whole lot of nothing. O&G magic didn't do much. Some animositys failed and slowed the gang down.

Again, no photos of the Dwarf turn. The hammerers hide behind the house. Nothing much happened. 

Round 4

The Trolls charge the Anvil, but the Lord and guards stay unharmed.

Black Orc command group go hiding in the structure.

Spear Goblins move closer.

In the magic phase the Orc shaman casted the Foot of Gork with irresistible force and burned three of his own levels, leaving only with the spell of 'Ere er go (or such). The Boar boys fail the animosity and stay put. Orc boys get ready for attack. The Goblin archers regroup to strike to the rear of Dwarf Warriors.

The Dwarf Rune Lord and Guards were persistent agains Trolls and only one Guard died.

The Dwarf warriors charge to Goblin spearmen driving them fleeing. Two dwarves died.

The warriors prepare to face the Orc mob. Cannon blasted off few Orc boys. Grudge Thrower smashed one of the Spear Chukkas. The hammerers go chase after Goblin archers.

Round 5

Boar boys march forward. The Orc boys move to charge distance of the Dwarf warriors.

The Goblin archers move closer to Dwarf warriors.

Trolls keep on hammering the Rune Lord and Guard. The Guard dies.

The Doom diver lands on the Dwarf warriors killing three. The Spear Goblins succeed rallying them back to the battle.

On Dwarf turn the Rune Lord finally got slayed by the Trolls. The Trolls turn to face the Cannon. I finally remember the dice throw to implement the Miners to the battlefield. They are placed behind Boar boys.

Round 6

In the Orcs turn TheTrolls fail the stupidity test and move few inches forward. The Orcs fail the charge roll. The boar boys fail the animosity roll :D The Black orc command group moves forward. The Goblins get ready to charge the Dwarves.

In the Dwarfs turn the Cannon fires a burning grape shot at the Trolls killing two.

I'm little bit confuced how it happened, but the Miners charged the Boar boys sending them fleeing and after that they charged to the rear of the Orc Boys ?!? This might have happened earlier :D The Dwarf warriors charged the Orc boys. The orcs were annihilated !

The Hammerers close the Goblin archers, while the Goblins leave stomping their feet when the Dwarf warriors evaded their trap by charging the Orc Boys :)

The Orcs decided to give up at this point when they only had couple of fighters left. The Goblins are not counted. It was thrilling match. My horrible deployment was compensated by Orcs bad dice luck with the animosity and stupidity rolls. Much of the battle was left out of the report because of my bad photo documenting. Few additional photos from

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