Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mini Tournament

Hail to thee !

Me and my two friends got together to face each other in mini fantasy battle tournament. The armies were Dwarfs vs. High Elves vs. Skaven at the size of 1200 points. Here's a little battle report of the matches against my dwarves. Skaven vs. High Elves ended in the victory of Elves, and that was the first time for them against Skaven. Must have felt good :)

Dwarfs vs. Skaven

The Dwarf deployment

Skaven deployment

Dwarves won the startup

First shot of Grudge Thrower took lives of about 15 Stormvermin

First shot of Cannon destroyed the Warp Lightning Cannon

Skaven start by getting closer and shooting with Jezzails

One Quarreller got killed (yes, I played Quarrellers with thunderer figures)

In second turn Cannon, Bolt Thrower and rock of Grudge Thrower wasted again several vermin. The Skaven had good luck with leadership rolls.

Quarrellers shoot one Jezzail down

Skaven movement situation after second turn of Dwarfs

Second turn of Skaven Dwarves heads start to roll. The vermin wizard blasted the Dwarf warrior unit with some kind of fire spell.

In third Dwarf turn the shooting attacks are focused on the BSB/Warlock stormvermin unit to get them turn their tail and run. Still the leadership rolls keep them in the game

In the third turn of Skaven the Warlock engineer shoots with Doom Rocket with unbelievable accuracy and everyone in warrior unit got hit. Six members remain standing but fail the leadership roll and flee from the table. Ouch !

In the fourth turn the stormvermin are almost blasted to bits, but still the leadership rolls succeed. Damned ! 

Giant rats charge to cannon and slaves charge to bolt thrower. Jezzails have been able to drop some quarrelers. At last the Gutter runners find their way behind dwarves lines and make attempt to destroy the grudge thrower with twenty poisoned sling shots

After failed charge the vermin wizard casted successfully the fire blast to Slayer unit with deadly outcome. Oh no !

Giant rats don't do much anything against the cannon crew

Slayers charge the slaves, but didn't do much havoc. Is it just bad luck, or shitty dice ?!?

Dwarf army has died gloriously while the Skaven army still has lots of units, including the untouched Gutter runners. We decide to shake hand for exciting match and I congratulate the Skaven !

Although the game started great for the Dwarves and the war machines made lots of casualties to Skaven BSB unit they had great luck with dire rolls and I had little bit of bad luck.

Dwarves vs. High Elves

Dwarf deployment

Deployment of the Elves

Dwarves won the startup and started good. Grudge thrower did it's job and almost whole unit of Sword masters were crushed. Only two of them remain standing. Also the Elven BSB Prince with Eagle was blasted to oblivion with cannon. That was fun !

In the first elven turn they cannot do much anything but move and cast some spells that doesn't affect the Dwarves. In the second dwarf turn some spear elves die while dwarves try to take out the Mage

Elven faction after second dwarf turn

In second elven turn the Mage succeed casting the Flames of Phoenix to the Warrior unit killing three dwarves

In the third dwarf turn the warriors charge to Sword masters and kill the other with incredibly bad luck with dice roll. The Slayers charge the Phoenix Guard (softened by quarrelers) slaughtering the fleeing elves in the end

In the third turn of Elves the Sea Guard charged to Dwarf warrior unit and together with the Sword master champ sent them to heavenly hunting grounds. Unbelievably bad dice luck still remains.

I don't remember how it exactly happened, but before the Sea Guard charged the Quarrellers, they shot the Sword master dead

In the final dwarf turn the Slayers charged behind the Sea Guard and that was the end of match. This has to be the shortest match ever. Glory for Dwarfs !

Great sample of Mikko's painting skills. A Lothern Sea Guard 

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