Monday, June 11, 2012

Findings from flea market

My wife came today from flea market and told me that she saw some kind of miniatures. "Some men with muscles and otter like creatures, which seem to be similar to your dwarves but bigger" was the quote, and I wondered could it be possible that they would be ogres. I don't know how is the flea markets in other countries, but in Finland it is extremely rare you can find miniatures. I had to go check them out and here they are !

These fellows might come handy when I create a Maneater warband in Mordheim or in future Warhammer army. The price was 6 euros from altogether, so I'm quite happy to have them. These are also nice snack in the middle of painting the dwarves.


  1. Ace find mate :) This must be sign that you must start Ogre Kingdom army next hehe!