Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mega Battle


Last sunday we had a Mega Battle (to our standards). 3700 points per side. Clan Bonebiters from the Land of Khemri versus an army of Dark Elves. I wanted to do a army list, which contained all of my Ogre figures. The list is illegal because it has too few of Core units, but in our friendly games it doesn't matter (and the opposite has something to complain if it loses the match :)

Clan Bonebiters:

Tyrant (1 , 293 pts)
Armour of Silvered Steel
Seed of Rebirth

Slaughtermaster (1 , 390 pts)
Level 4 Wizard
Talisman of Preservation
The Lore of Death

Firebelly (1 , 194 pts)
Level 2 Wizard
Talisman of Endurance
The Lore of Fire

Butcher (1 , 184 pts)
Level 2 Wizard
Dispel Scroll
Talisman of Protection
The Lore of the Great Maw

Bruiser (1 , 169 pts)
Sword of Might
Enchanted Shield

Ogres (8 , 291 pts)
Crusher, Bellower, Standard

Ironguts (8 , 429 pts)
Gutlord, Bellower, Standard
Dragonhide Banner

Mournfang Cavalry (4 , 322 pts)
Crusher, Bellower, Standard

Yhetees (3 , 142 pts)

Leadbelchers (5 , 215 pts)

Sabertusks (4 , 84 pts)

Maneaters (4 , 274 pts)
Been there done that: Poison, Sniper

Stonehorn (250 pts)

Giant (200 pts)

Ironblaster (170 pts)

Gorger (90 pts)

Dark Elves Army:

Supreme Sorceress (1, 290 pts)
Dispel Scroll
Talisman of Preservation
The Lore of Beasts

High Beastmaster (2, 370 pts)
Armour of Destiny
Potion of Strength
Scourgerunner Chariot
Ravager Harpoon
Dark Steed

Death Hag (3, 330 pts)
Battle Standard Bearer
Cauldron of Blood

Dark Riders (10, 200 pts)
Musician, Standard Bearer

Darkshards (20, 270 pts)

Witch Elves (20, 295 pts)
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer
Razor Standard

Corsairs (40, 470 pts)
Reaver, Musician, Standard Bearer

Black Guard of Naggarond (27, 435 pts)
Tower Master, Musician, Standard Bearer

Cold One Knights (10, 330 pts)
Dread Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer

War Hydra (1, 180 pts)

Cold One Chariot (1, 115 pts)

Shades (10, 190 pts)

Doomfire Warlocks (5, 135 pts)

Bloodwrack Medusa (1 , 90 pts)

Battle Report:


Photo after 1st turn of Ogre phase. Ogres started generally moving closer. Stonehorn charged to Dark Riders which advanced forward by vanguard move. Rider fled through the Corsairs and caused them to panic. Giant and Yhetees marched to the forest to engage with DElven Shades, which were hiding in the bushes. The woods were poisonous. Magic phase didn't do anything. Maneaters sniped the Elvish BSB to it's death and Cannon blasted the Hydra into oblivion.

On the 1st turn of Delves the Corsairs didn't rally and went of the battlefield. Some troops moved forward. Magic didn't do anything although DElves were close to magical temple, which gave them opportunity to get more dice to magic pool. Beastmaster shot the Harpoon at Stonehorn and made couple of wounds and dragged it forward. The Medusa also made a wound to the Stonehorn. Shades did some wound to the Giant, but didn't kill him. There were no melee combat.

Ogres 2nd turn started with the Gorger entering to the battlefield behind the Black Guard. Mourfangs charged to Cold One Knights and The Shades were charged by the Giant and Yhetees. Ironguts unit tried to charge to the Black Guard, but failed. Magic phase didn't do anything. Cannon destroyed the Cold One Chariot. Mornings run through the Cold One Knights. The Shades were slain and the Giant overran to the Darkshards and continued fighting. He fell over the Elves taking eight lives with him as he died. The Elves ran in panic.

In the 2nd Elf turn the Dark Shards rallied and turned towards the Gorger. Black Guard charged to the Ogre Bulls unit. On the Magic phase the Slaughtermaster used his Hellheart crippling the Elven casters. At this point my opponent called the Game and congratulated the Ogres for Brutal Victory!

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