Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trip to Battlefield Berlin

Greetings !

I went on vacation to Berlin, Germany. One of the visitation targets was Battlefield Berlin miniature shop. I was amazed how vast range of miniatures were on the shelves. I'd say that is a place to make miniature pilgrimage.

I had fairly good idea what minis to buy, so I went to search for Scibor's Stone giant and Ogre ripper. Along with those I found some inexpensive miniatures from Grendel, so I grabbed a Temple with me.

Ogre Ripper
This one goes to Manslayers unit

Slave Giant
There's a story among the Ogre tribe of Bonebiters
 that once a powerful Slaugtermaster dug too deep into the 
Lore of the Great Maw in search for ultimate power. 
As he found what he seek, the magic gave him physical strength of titans, 
but cut away his wits. In the end the Slaghtermaster remained 
as a raging looney to be released on the battlefield, but among
the tribe he is still a mere slave.

Ancient Temple
This might be placed on a battlefield as magical temple.

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