Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mini tournament battle reports

Dwarfs vs. High Elves - 1500 points

From left to right.. Swordmasters, Phoenix Guards with Wizard, Seaguards with Wizard and Spearmen.

From left to right.. Dwarf warriors with BSB Thane and Runesmith, Hammerers with Dwarf lord on a shield and Quarreller Rangers.

First turn: The Elves move forward.

Swordmasters charge the Rangers.

The Rangers hold their line and the melee is draw.

Dwarves move forward full steam.

Melee between Rangers and Swordmasters continues. Neither gives up.

Dwarves move closer.

Phoenix Guard and Seaguards charge the Hammerers. The Wizards are left behind.

Rangers are defeated.

The battle begins.

Dwarf warriors charge the Spearmen and ran them over.

Swordmasters move to the flank of Hammerers. Casulties on both sides.

Dwarf Warriors charge in the flank of Seaguards.

The Elves crumble in front of the overpower of Dwarfs. We shake hands. Victory for Dwarves !

Dwarfs vs. Orc & Goblins - 1500 points

The deployment. O&G from left to right.. Goblin bowmen with Goblin Shaman, Biguns with BSB, Trolls, Black Orcs with Warboss, Rock lobber and Spear Chukka.

O&G got the first turn. Shaman casted a spell that gave poison to bowmen. Four Rangers dead.

Dwarfs move behind forest.

Bowmen shoot four Rangers to the ground. Biguns move closer to Rangers.

Dwarves move into forest. There are lots of poisonous creatures which made the forest dangerous terrain. Couple of Dwarves drop dead.

After O&G squabble with each other Rangers and Warriors charge Biguns.

Casualties on both sides, but Orcs lose the melee.

Trolls and Black Orcs move closer.

Goblin Shaman casted some kind of Vortex which killed if initiative test fails. From the photo you can see the devastating result. I was thinking of quiting, OUCH !

Rangers are defeated and only BSB and Champ remains standing on the O&G side.

Goblin fanatics almost reach to Dwarves.

Trolls charge in the flank of Dwarves.

Thanes Fire runed weapon eaven the scales with Trolls. 

The Hammerers charge to the flank of Trolls.

The Trolls are defeated.

Black Orcs charge the Hammerers. What a gore fest.

In the end Black Orcs (or what's left of them) escape from the melee. The Dwarf Lord with Thane's Warriors unit remains standing. Quite raven match, but turned little bit to Dwarves in the end.

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