Saturday, May 19, 2012

FaBa: Dwarves and Elves versus Skaven (edit: with battle report)

My hobby for collecting an army of Dwarves came to my first battle. At the moment I have troops for about 1700 point army so me and my friend with High Elves decided to make an alliance and challenge our other friend's skaven force, which exceeds 3000+ point. This game was little below 3000 points.

Before the match, the skaven player Mika was little bit over confident of winning our team. I was eager to stuff his ego down in his arse, but when I saw how few our troops were and how massive the skaven horde was, I had to accept the inevitable. There was going to be some serious ass whooping.

Here is how it went, as I remember it :)

The deployment

 Forces of Order

Forces of Skaven

First Round

The Skaven won the first turn and started to march forward. Warp cannon blasted away, but it didn't do much. Skaven slaves charged to some elven horsemen and ran over them, killing the whole unit.

In the turn of the order the Slayers started towards ratogres. The Elven Prince charged the Doom Wheel, but it sissied off so the charge went to Plaguefurnace and friends. Anvil got a wound to skaven shooters, but it was saved. The shooting and Warmachines made some damage. Hammerers took few steps backwards.

Second Round

In the second skaven turn they marched closer. Cannon failed again but shooters dropped few hammerers. Mika had a lucky strike with the spell and the got one in that dropped about fifteen hammerers. OUCH !

In second order turn (forgot to take photos) the Slayers charged the ratogres and Dragonslayer shouted a challenge to ratogre boss. Dragonslayer died gloriously against the magically frenzied enemy.  Other Slayers took some wounds but gave a few in return. Runemaster tried to strike the rune of Wrath and Ruin, but failed horribly blowing himself, along with the anvil and guards, up into oblivion. Warmachines  did some damage, but nothing special. Elves waited for skaven to meet them in melee.

Third Round

The third skaven turn was filled with cries of Charge ! Slaves and Clanrats reached the Thunderers, Screaming Bell with crew attacked the Hammerers, Abomination sprinted towards the Seaelves, but I guess the lactic acid slowed the pace and it stopped an inch in front of the elves. Slaves in the right flank charged the sword elves. Lives were lost on both sides, but the troops of order were in dreadful situation. Skaven gutter runners find their way behind dwarves war machines.

Third turn of order started in desperate defense. The Slayers reclaimed their glorious deaths, Thunderers did some damage, but not enough and was forced to flee. The Hammerers (if I remember correctly) were able to take out the Bell (though it might have been some elvish magic), but were sent to afterlife. Warmachines didn't do much, although the Bolt Thrower was able to kill a gutter runner. Only the sword elves were giving a hard time to the slaves.

Fourth Round

On the fourth skaven round was the last turn played. The Team Order was wiped off the battlefield. Don't remember the last moves agains elves, but the dwarves were gone. The game was over and hand shakes between the players where made. Congratulations to Skaven !

The first match was so delightful experience that it made me want more and try to size up my throng. I believe the game would be so much different, if the order team had had larger units, for example 40 dwarf warriors etc. because I was little bit surprised that the thunderers proved themselves in positive way also in melee agains two hordes. I also had a unit of miners, which I failed to bring to table. I think the rat ogres would have been overtaken if they would have come to aid the Slayers. Lots of buts, so I'm waiting eagerly the next session.

Check Mika's blog for the Skaven version of the battle:

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